So, a friend of mine recently mentioned that the best of all the episodes of Masters of Horror was Incident On and Off A Mountain Road, which is true. But it is not only the best of that series, it is one of the best horror movies I've seen. It plays with notions of horror vs. terror, the role of the feminine in horror movies, and the audience's expectation of what genre of movie they're watching. I just love it to death.

And it's on YouTube (behind an age filtering wall). Which is surprising to me, because YouTube is so easy to rip content from. It seems like Anchor Bay, the production company, would want to put recent material somewhere less prone to easy manipulation.

Yes, I am this shallow

The problem with starting a new blog, or a new phase of an old blog, is that sudden feeling of, "what the hell do I talk about?" Especially if one generally has little to say. There's the issue of performance, and presenting oneself accurately (or inaccurately, but appealingly), and in all of the many blogs I have had over the years, rarely have I felt that I struck that balance of vapid/pretentious that truly reflects who I am as a person. I think I'm planning to lean towards vapid in this blog.

Not that it'll be all cat macros, but I make no other promises.

New Semester

This blog is being slightly repurposed for a new class. The updates will be a lot more frequent and, consequently, probably a little less thoughtful overall. (Not that they were brilliant in the past.)

There will still be a lot about TV, though.

To new readers, welcome! And my preemptive apologies.