Like Starsky and Hutch, but not as gay

I watch a lot of buddy cop shows. Lately I've been watching NCIS:LA and Hawaii Five-0. It's interesting because they're fundamentally not buddy cop shows. Buddy cop shows involve two guys who depend on each other to the exclusion of everyone, except possibly their surly boss. There's generally a love interest of the week, who disappears quickly after her single episode storyline is over.

The difference here is that the new buddy cop shows are ensembles. It creates a weird dynamic because there's a double focus between the relationship between the two leads and the Greek chorus of the rest of the cast.

The trend of putting the two buddy cops in an ensemble mitigates the homoeroticism to a large extent, but it's still there in joking form. It's interesting because early buddy cop shows had no real mitigation of the homoeroticism, since homosexuality couldn't be spoken about, leaving open a queer option. Now the queer option is more clearly closed off, with the understanding on the audience's part that if they were gay, the show would state it. It makes me sad, because I'm always up for homoeroticism. (I guess I could just go watch The Eagle again.)

most wanted and most unwanted

I like to post this once very few years or so on whatever blog I'm currently using, because it's interesting and kind of hilarious.

Two artists conducted a multinational survey of what art people enjoyed and what kind they didn't, and then created paintings to reflect that.

Komar and Melamid: Most Wanted Paintings on the Web

They also did it with music. That's the link to the most unwanted, and there's a link in there to the most wanted.

I wish I had more commentary than that, but I don't.