In which I ignore quals for a second to talk about my diss.

Slowly collecting links for dissertating. I figured I should post them:

Delicious archive.

There is so much One Direction, but that's because they're mid-Beatlemania right now. What I really need is to go back through the Rolling Stone archive and find all the stories on all the other bands.

And I still don't know where I'm going to put the One Direction chapter. Because the entire dissertation is about the role of American whiteness and masculinity in the formation of American boy bands, and they're just there, being British and wildly popular and homosocial as hell, and I'm kind of like, "could you not mess with my argument?"

Also, I appear to have fallen for their ridiculous faces, which is useful in terms of maintaining enough interest to write, but detrimental in that I want to sit down with my niece and say, "Isn't Harry the cutest?"